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Dispenser 200ml
Dispenser 200ml

2,49 EUR
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100x Buffer Block White - white  4-sided 100/100
35,00 EUR
TND Tip Glue with brush professiomal - 7 g  Easy to use and extreme grip - white bottle
0,59 EUR
File sided zebra boat 100/180 HLD
0,59 EUR
Buffer Block White - white  4-  sided 100/100
0,40 EUR
Professional  file White straight  100/180
0,28 EUR
0,25 EUR
File bannana zebra 100/180 premium
0,25 EUR
Wipes 500 psc in roll  Made in Germany (pad, pads)
2,99 EUR
1,99 EUR
Professional  file black straight  100/180
0,35 EUR
Professional  file White straight  100/100
0,34 EUR
Professional file black  100/180 banana
0,25 EUR
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Shop rules terms and conditions

Terms of Conditions

Company Titan Cosmetics Sp z o.o.


All prices are Netto prices


For a VAT. free shopping all clients need a valid


EU Sales tax identification number!


Please confirm the online order -
then you get a proforma invoice without Vat.


Pre- paid VAT. can not be reimbursed by
Titan Cosmetics Sp z.o.o 

For Pay Pal orders we will send a Pay Pal payment Link

No Minimum Quantity 

Attention !!!

Transport cost in your orderconfirmation is
for orders till max. 6 Kg in Europe

If you have more than 6 Kg. please wait we will send some
proforma invoice with correct Transport prices


Price change startet at 01-02-2021
Discounts are possibell if he volumen is higher ( 2000 Euro )

The extreme economic turbulence of the current year is causing a general increase in the costs of materials, such as, for example, 

paper and basic worker cost ingrease over 22 %, cardboard (packaging), wood (pallets),
plastics (refills), tinplate (tins), mineral oils (Pharma), Transport  and other essential raw materials for production,

 without considering the continuous increase in Conai costs and the now forthcoming Plastic Tax;
generalized increases which you will certainly have already experienced in your daily operations.

Titan Cosmetics has so far absorbed these increases without passing them on to customers in the hope that this turbulence will end quickly, 
but its prolongation is causing it to become structural,

in the way that it cannot be further sustainable and forcing us to promptly revise prices.

However, this turbulence and high volatility recommend to evaluate the costs moment by moment 
in order to offer the best possible price at the time of the request,
therefore we invite you to please ask us for prices quotation case by case in order to be able to manage 
"on time" any necessary increase.

Trusting in your understanding

1 Scope

1.1 These terms and conditions apply to all orders from customers in the online store of the company Titan Cosmetics Sp Ul. Cyprysowa 8 - PL 02-265 Warsaw,  Titan Cosmetics Sp.z.o.o  and for telephone orders .
They govern the conclusion of the contract between Titan Cosmetics Sp and a customer , the processing of concluded contracts and the mutual rights and obligations.

1.2 The business relationship between Titan Cosmetics Sp.z.o.o  and the industrial customers are subject to the following terms and conditions in force at the time of the order. Different conditions of the customer recognizes
,Titan Cosmetics Sp.z.o.o   it is not , because , Titan Cosmetics Sp.z.o.o  has expressly agreed to their validity in writing .


1.3 Free allowances do not apply if the total amount was purchased with a set , it is only the amount of filled with required products.

1.4 Titan Cosmetics Sp zoo provides only for tradespeople dealer

2 Contract with ; 

Titan Cosmetics Sp z o.o.

Ul. Cyprysowa 8

02-265 Warsaw

Ust . ID No. PL 522-28-96-152
e mail    info@tnd-cosmetics.com

Please give as reason for their

Name and order number :

International Bank:  


 ul. M. Kasprzaka 22

 02-265 Warsawa

Tel.    0048 - 22 - 88 - 00 - 410


Invoice and Factoring will be done by: 

ABC International Sp. z o. o.

ul. Cyprysowa 8

02-265 Warszawa


IBAN   ---  PL02 1500 1012 1210 1012 2844 0000  



You get in the shop a pro forma invoice , the original is included with the package and is not in German .

2.1 Conclusion on orders from our online shop :
On the Domains

The presentation of products in the online shop does not constitute a legally binding offer , but a non - catalog

2.1.1 Clicking on the button " send order " constitutes a binding offer by the Customer to
Titan Cosmetics Sp
dar. to conclude a purchase contract for the goods in the
basket on the terms provided with the order

2.1.2 sends Following receipt of the order

Again, the presentation of the goods in our online shop is not a binding offer to the customer, but merely an online prospectus dar.

2.2.1 The telephone order by the customer constitutes a binding offer by the Customer to
Titan Cosmetics Sp
dar. to conclude a purchase contract for the goods ordered

2.2.2 A contract is only concluded when titanium Cosmetics Sp accepts the customer's order .
This is not done through the receipt of the order by / telephone operators of the
Titan Cosmetics Sp z oo, which are only receiving messengers and no legal declarations for titanium Cosmetics Spzoo 
can give .
The order may be accepted by the shipment is confirmed to the customer with an email ( shipping confirmation ) , not later than upon delivery of the goods to the customer . If ordered goods listed
in the dispatch confirmation comes on goods from one and the same order which are not listed in the shipping confirmation , no purchase contract is the same is true with regard to not contained in the
delivery of goods, where previously no shipping confirmation was sent and the contract of sale
therefore comes at the customer upon delivery of the goods into existence .

2.3 Should a unvorhergeshener (technology) occur error in pricing , the seller can order without stating reasons, cancel the order , the result is thus no legal claim for damages for the buyer.
The customer must check the order confirmation for obvious writing and calculation errors and
discrepancies between the order and confirmation and titanium Cosmetics Sp
report any discrepancies immediately.

2.4 If titanium Cosmetics Sp z o.o. a customer's order does not answer, they will inform the customer
without delay.
If you do not receive an order confirmation or delivery by us within 3 business days , you are no longer bound to your order . In this case, you will receive a notification.

3 Prices and Payment

3.1 All offers and prices of our online shop and supplements , such as supply or action sheets are given in Euros and exclude product packaging. Apply in the shop at time of order prices shown .

All the Internet store of titan Cosmetics S.p.z.oo
specified net dealer prices are net prices .

Delivery , shipping and handling costs are additional .

3.2 The customer payment can be done by advance,  or through PayPal
( via paypal we add pay pal cost 3 / 7 % ).

The customer must for those customers who are not paid for through our online shop system necessarily
indicate how he wants to pay.

With paypal Vat. pay back  3 / 7 % cost extra.

PayPal payment :
To be able to pay with PayPal , you will need an account with PayPal.

The customer is with his order to his payment request .

In Internet Store specified net dealer prices.

Titan Cosmetics Sp z o.o.
is not for the ordungsgemässen expiry of the bank - responsible online number technique has the responsibility ausschlieslich the exporting company which has been entrusted with the payment processing ! .

The ordering process is tested by us and approved with the order confirmation .

Delivery is not possible for delivery! 


Credit card payment :
Advance payments made ​​by bank transfer. If you order in advance , customers can view after the order is completed , our bank details and the order of its assigned order number and customer number in the order summary . This order and customer number , please indicate along with your first and last name as the reason of the transfer. The same information , the customer again with the automated order confirmation . Please note that depending on the day and speed of each bank a payment 1 - may take 5 business days . Your order can only be processed after payment has been received .

Cash on delivery Payment: is not offered !

Payment via Sofortüberweisung.de:
For payments from the customer via Sofortüberweisung.de the customer currently receives a discount of 0% of the order value . For this form of payment processing , the customer needs an online banking account with his bank , the corresponding account number and online banking account belonging PIN and TAN.

4 Delivery and Returns

4.1 We deliver all the items of your choice to all postal addresses within Europe.
All produkts are without lables,( you can buy labes seperate),
only if you buy titanail design produkts they are with lables.

Payment , Shipping & Returns can be found online.

4.2 Please note when ordering from countries which impose import duties that titanium Cosmetics Sp has no influence on the amount of customs duties or taxes payable in your country. In this case, please inform yourself about the charges you have costs of an order which are levied only on imports of the goods to your country . These charges are NOT titanium Cosmetics Sp collected and are NOT included in the shipping fees.

4.3 For the dealers specified in the Internet shop dealer prices are net , free allowances of any kind can not be passed on to traders from costing reasons.

    4.4 For Thermo and Thermo Liquid UV Gels are following rules -  those products are


Returns to this address ;

Titan Cosmetics Sp z o.o.

Ul. Cyprysowa 8

02-265 Warsaw - Poland

Tel.    0048 - 22 - 88 - 00 - 410


In the case of legitimate warranty claims , the customer Shall have the right to demand a replacement , rescind the agreement or reduce the purchase price at its option . We shall pay compensation for damages only if we , our Representatives or subcontractors are accused of premeditated or grossly negligent breach of duty .
This limitation of liability Shall not apply where there is a breach of life , limb and health .

Complaints after 30 working days after receipt of the products will not be accepted

4.5.1  Reklamations:

Al buyers are obligatory limit law in their country, to respect the common applicable laws, consurning Import Products from Europe.Titan Cosmetics is not responsible for Ex or Import Papers orcustoms papers100% of the transport risk is transferred to the customer from the Titan Cosmetics factory

The parcels must be opened upon handover and checked for visible damage to the products, photos and confirmation of the driver are required as proof.The driver has to let you check the box contents !!!Even if he does not like it, the customer does not lose his insurance coverage / (if available)

Complaints in case of Obvious defects , wrong deliveries or quantity Deviations must be Notified without delay , at the latest within 2 days after receiving the delivery.

Shipment shall take place at the cost and risk of the purchaser ex-Warsawa ( Poland). The unquestioned acceptance of the goods by the forwarder or haulier shall be deemed to be proof of faultless packaging.

For unjustified returns, the Commercial customer has a processing fee in the amount of
25% ( Handling Charge ) of the gross invoice value to wear.

Any bank costs Extra charge .

All returns must be prepaid , otherwise we can not accepted the return delivery


The products must be returned unused and unused.


Open or used products are excluded from the exchange.


Files and cutters or other hygiene items are excluded from the exchange 

Please do not send non-free shipments. 

These are not accepted by us and rejected at your expense.


Please note that consumables

(E.g., open gels, fluids, and files) are excluded from the exchange.

( glue,gels , liquids and files) are not returnable .

Attention! Images are for illustration only . Colors may vary slightly from the pictorial representation ! .
Lamps can be possibly delivered in other colors, the lamp is jedeoch identical in function

§ 4.6.1
Liability The company Titan Cosmetics Spzoo exclude your liability for slightly negligent breach of duty , provided these are not contractual obligations, damages resulting from injury to life, body or health, guarantees or claims under the Product Liability Act are affected .
The same holds for any of the agents of the company Titan Cosmetics Spzoo

If the remedy is made ​​by means of a replacement delivery , the customer is obliged t
o return the original goods within 30 days of Titan Cosmetics Spzoo .
!!! always a copy of invoice in return packed is needed  !!!

The return of the defective goods must be made in accordance with statutory regulations.
Titan Cosmetics Spzoo reserves the right to assert under the conditions stipulated by law for damages.

Enclose a return please always put a copy in .
5 Applicable Law , Place of Performance , Place of Jurisdiction

It applies exclusively Polish law, excluding the UN sales law . For consumers, this choice of law only if it causes the granted protection is not withdrawn by mandatory provisions of the laws of the State in which the consumer has his habitual residence.

5.1  MSDS


Fulfillment is Warsaw.

When signing a contract with customers Warsaw is agreed as place of jurisdiction.

6 delivery times

The acquired products are usually 24 - passed 48 hours after receipt of payment or placing the order ( cash on delivery) to the appropriate transport company. We do our best to keep the delivery time as short as possible for you. However, please note that we can not control after handing over the packet duration . Currently, this varies within Germany between 1 - 3 business days. Outside Germany, the delivery time of the delivery address dependent (usually 3rd 5 business days) .

7 Transport

The customer must state before each order whether the package is insured to be shipped.

If no insurance is required, the customer bears exclusively the transport risk.

Titan Cosmetics Sp.z.o.o is not liable for lost or damaged deliveries without insurance.

Special conditions apply to islands
Depending on the season, the delivery time can take up to 1-6 weeks

When the item is handed over to the transport company, the transport risk (damage/loss)
is transferred 100% to the buyer

Al buyers are obligatory limit law in their country, to respect the common applicable laws,
consurning Import Products from Europe

Titan Cosmetics is not responsible for Ex or Import Papers or
customs papers 100% of the transport risk is transferred to the customer from the Titan Cosmetics factory

7.1 The delivery of the consignment from the factory to the delivery address given by the customer .

7.2 If titanium Cosmetics Sp z o.o. accepts the customer's order , the delivery of the goods is initiated immediately after receipt of payment .

7.3 delivery for payment in advance : For orders to advance the delivery takes place only after full receipt of money at Titan Cosmetics Sp . In the case of advance orders titanium Cosmetics takes Sp no reservation of goods ordered until payment is received for the customers . Should there be in this context to delays in delivery , for example, because the ordered goods are sold off in the meantime , is .
8 EU Cosmetics Directive

All buyers are obligatoire limit laid in their country , Gestlich applicable laws.

Cosmetic products as defined in Article 19, paragraph 1 EU Cosmetics Regulation only be made available on the market if their containers and packages containing certain information . This information must be indelible, easily legible and visible .

The container and the packaging of cosmetic products must be declared compliant with all statutory regulations provided :

Marking for consumers

Cosmetic products as defined in Article 19, paragraph 1 EU Cosmetics Regulation only be made available on the market if their containers and packages containing certain information . This information must be indelible, easily legible and visible .

The obligation to mark takes generally the person responsible , so usually the manufacturer or the importer , in exceptional cases, the dealer (see above under point IV.2) . However, a dealer in violation of Article 19, paragraph 1 EU Cosmetics Regulation, if he sells cosmetics that are not labeled correctly . Since Article 19 EU Cosmetics Regulation UWG is probably as market conduct regulation within the meaning of § 4 No. 11 to see competitors can to those dealers that sell products not properly labeled , send warning letters .

Titan Cosmeics Sp.z.o.o explicitly states that no products called Shellac in Poland are offered or sold.

Exempt from this are dealers, they act 100% on their own responsibility.

The container and the packaging of cosmetic products shall be provided with the following information :

Name or corporate name of the responsible person , to their address; comes the cosmetic product from another country, the country of origin is also indicated.
Nominal content at the time of filling ( this is not required for cosmetics with less than 5g or 5ml and free or trial packages and in bulk packs in which the number of units specified or easily recognizable ) .
Date of expiry (if the cosmetic product over 30 months is durable, the duration of the utility is to be specified after first use).
special precautions for use, especially in commercial use; , there are also provisions in the annex to the EU Cosmetics Directive ; should the information on the product label or on its packaging have no place , so they are presented separately on an enclosed instruction sheet , tape , tags or cards specify .
Batch no . to identify (if the cosmetic product is too small for this purpose , the specification at least on the packaging must be done )
Use of the cosmetic product
List of ingredients of cosmetic product ( " Ingredients" ) which is considered as an ingredient, is explained in detail in the EU Cosmetics Regulation, should the information on the product label or on its packaging have no place , so they must be considered separately , on an enclosed instruction sheet , tape trailers or card or specified ; during soaps, bath beads or other small products where it is not even possible , the list of ingredients can be mounted on a sign near the container sale

The information have to be writ

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